Nuestro corazón con La Palma

The installation, whose title in Polish is “Our heart is with Palma. with its form referring to the cone of a volcano, made of palm bark imported from the island of Gran Canaria is an expression of solidarity with the victims of the tragedy that affected the inhabitants of La Palma as a result of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in 2021. The acoustic seat at its center generates the vibrations of the Schumann Resonance (the pulse of the planet, the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth) that can be felt by the user. A touch panel located next to the seat, through contact with the user’s hand, activates surrounding LED lighting that pulsates to the user’s heartbeat.
The work is a continuation of research into social empathy with the crisis on the neighbouring island of LaPalma, carried out during the artist’s residency in Gran Canaria in 2021. Having witnessed firsthand the enormous solidarity of the Canary Islands with the situation on La Palma, and the resounding slogan “LA PALMA CON EL CORAZÓN” (La Palma
in our hearts), she decided to create an object in the field of empathetic design, which would also express empathy towards the aforementioned tragedy.

Realization: 2021/22

Author of the software: Aleksandra Sitek

Curatorial care: Endre Lehel Paksi

Project realized in January 2022 within the Artist & Researchers Residency programme in Guiniguada Gran Canaria