The spatial installation placed in the gallery window, reminiscent of an altar, is a subtle attention to the problem of women’s internal struggle. Leash, the attribute of limiting freedom, plays a central role. It was displayed on a seemingly neutral background. The self-adhesive seed-shaped graphics that surround it hide inside subtly camouflaged content. Made in reflective technique with elements of frozen foil, they are exposed to a flash of cameras. Illuminated, they reveal the artist’s areas of artistic exploration: slavery, intimate internal struggle, finally getting out of shape and being born again.

Cooperation: Patrycja Mastej, Roozbeh Nafisi

Realisation: 2019, Umakart Gallery in Brno (Cz)

Curatorial care: Karin Pisarikova


Installation carried out in December 2019 in the UMAKART gallery in Brno (Cz)