The basic tissue of this exhibition, which is part of the Polish year of mathematics (2019), are formulas understood as formal expressions, equations or symbolic notations. The artists invited to participate in the exhibition, in accordance with their own creative freedom, crumble this rigid scheme of mathematical, physical or chemical formulas and show the patterns also as repetitive geometric systems, as records of movement paths, as reference systems, ideal forms or specific measures. Although the starting point is exact sciences, what we ultimately get is true poetry of the sign, full of subtle puzzles as well as conceptual and visual metaphors (…).

Realization: 2019

Curatorial care: Jakub Jernajczyk, Alicja Jodko

Project realized in December 2019 within the collective exhibition Wystawa Wzorowa in Entropia Gallery in Wrocław (PL)

ALTERNATIVE (dim. 7.5 x 250cm)
REMORSE (dim. 1.5 x 8cm)
PLACE OF MIND (dim. 4.5 x 40cm)