The lamps entitled: “You” and “SOS” are the culmination of critical design research carried out in 2021/22 as part of the Artist & Researchers Residency in Guiniguada Gran Canaria. For over three weeks of the residency, the author and her six-year-old daughter visited the most polluted beaches of the island, collecting micro plastics. The final result was 90 samples filled with coloured waste. The samples were then used to create a site-specific installation entitled “YOU”. The samples were used to create a site specific installation entitled “YOU”, which was presented by the artist on a beach in Gran Canaria on January 1st 2022. The material contained in the tubes, collected during the residency, was then used to develop an interactive lamp under the slogan “YOU”. Made from plywood scraps and rake handles, the lamp uses a distance sensor to activate the “YOU” light message, generated through morse code.
The second lamp, made from test tubes of seawater from Gran Canaria
The second lamp, built using tubes of seawater from Gran Canaria and plastic waste in attractive shapes resembling sea creatures, works in a similar way, transmitting an “SOS” message.

Realization: 2021/22

Author of the software: Sebstian Sobótka

Curatorial care: Endre Lehel Paksi

Project realized in January 2022 within the Artist & Researchers Residency programme in Guiniguada Gran Canaria