Laboratory for Designing Interactive Spaces and Objects
Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design (PL)

Name of the course: Designing Interactive Spaces and Objects

Department of Interior Des

Full-time MA studies, years: I, II

Number of students: 16 people on average per semester

The laboratory deals with designing pro-social interactive objects for the needs of cultural institutions, festivals, parks, public institutions, etc. The aim is to explore the design methodology that emphasizes participatory aspects of designed artefacts. The assumption is to search for connections between particular fields of science, especially information technology and interior architecture, and to pay attention to the intuitive and educational nature of the contact of the recipient with the planned installation.

The student acquires knowledge in the field of development and selection of appropriate interactive systems as well as a broad understanding of contemporary communication tools that allow the development of the concept of interactive objects and spatial installations along with their prototypes.

The student is able to design an interactive spatial installation that, based on the intuitive behavior of recipients, generates selected information or audiovisual effects. While acquiring skills in using terminology in the field of new technologies, the student has the skills to clearly present his own design concept, especially in terms of the interaction scheme included in it. In the basic scope he can use the selected software available through open source, modifying them in terms of his design needs.