A small architectural form integrated into a space of one of the courtyards of Four Temples District in Wrocław. Installation, enclosed with the surface of the mirrors both in the outer and the inner zone, acts as a large-format kaleidoscope presenting the spirit of passing of the surrounding space. Surrounded by old, crumbling tenement houses, as well as restored buildings, it sucks them inside, and then visually mixes, giving a picture of the ongoing transformation of this place. Visual camouflage obtained thanks to the use of mirrors subtly integrates the Asylum shape into the architectural urban tissue, offering passers-by a shelter and a place for contemplation.

Realisation: 2008

Public presentations:

  • 2008 r. within the 6th Edition of Art Review Survival, Wrocław (PL)
  • 2010 Sopot (PL)